Sample timetables



Year 10 Sample Timetable

Year 7 Sample Timetable

Physical Activities


Command Task

Numerous activities designed to challenge the individual or team, these will occur indoors or outside, can be theoretical or practical. Students will develop their leadership, communication, problem solving skills.

Physical Education

Designed to challenge the individual utilising different sports and adventurous activities. The student will develop their fitness, self-reliance,

communication, team working, resilience, confidence and problem solving skills.


This incorporates learning to navigate utilising various maps, understand map symbols, measuring time and distance, planning, basic Maths and English.

Field Craft

Designed to understand how to work in the countryside, learning how to erect various shelters, selection of ground, team work, resilience, planning, problem solving and communication.

Team Leadership  

It is expected that students in Year 9 will begin their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and progressing to the Silver Award in Year 10. Focus on developing students' leadership, planning, organisational, problem solving and communication skills 

Residentials and Expeditions



# Two-day overnight camp at the Cadet Centre for Adventurous training purpose is to promote team building.

# Overnight camp to demonstrate the advanced skills learned over the week. 

# Annual Camp Week will occur in the second week of July. A full residential from Saturday to Saturday which includes all cadets and all uniformed staff.


All camps and residentials will be heavily subsidised.




Every year many expeditions will be planned to locations as diverse as the Himalayas, Bavaria, Peru and Kenya and combined with local community projects. Expeditions combine first aid and field craft as well as learning the Countryside Code and camp craft. Camp craft includes basic techniques of how to live and move in a different environment, particularly during an expedition. For this area of training they will learn how to prepare clothing and equipment before embarking on an expedition. They will learn how to safely carry a load and identify a suitable route as well as what makes an ideal camp site. In addition, they will be taught how to pitch a tent, cook a meal and build a latrine. Expeditions can contribute to a Duke of Edinburgh's Award, increase a sense of achievement and self-esteem; and result in friendships that will last for life. 

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