When will the school open?

 If successful the proposed opening date is September 2020 but this could change to September 2021. 


Is this a primary or secondary school?

Secondary - The proposed age range is from 11-16 year olds


Is this for boys or girls?

Both - the school will be mixed.  


Is this a military academy?

Most definitely not! The school will utilise the values of honesty, loyalty, self respect and cooperation to instil the high standards and expectations of good behaviour, conduct and team work.  Large parts of the curriculum will be physical and will use the cadet prorgamme  at its core.


What is different about this school?

The school is a new school from year 7 to year 11. The curriculum will be engaging as it will combine academic lessons (leading to a suite of GCSEs) combined with a variety of physical activities and enrichment opportunities. See sample timetable.


Does this mean Coseley Technology Primary School is NOT opening?

Coseley Technology Primary School will still open and is proposing a start date of September 2019. They only take part of the old Coseley School site.

There is still plenty of capacity to build Invictus Free School on the remaining land. This will be a secondary school of 600 students aged 11 to 16 year olds when full with a proposed start date of September 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won't there be an increase in traffic volume once both schools are open?

If both the secondary and primary schools are successful then yes there will be an increase in the amount of traffic- but not for at least another 8 years. However, as part of the pre-opening application phase we have have to provide detailed plans for the site, the buildings, closest roads etc. We will be proposing alternative entrances onto the site and will work closely with both Dudley and Wolverhampton Local Authorities to try and alleviate any potential issues.

"________________________________Many cadets also commented on how being a member of the Cadet Forces had improved their confidence, teamwork skills and homework completion.


Where is the  money coming from?

The costs for building works, materials, resources, equipment and staffing etc in the first few years will be covered by the Department for Education (DfE) regardless of numbers. This is to allow the school to function whilst it goes up to capacity. Afterwhich, and like all other schools, the DfE will then fund the school based on pupil numbers. 

Please note: The Local Authority is not responsible for the costs.

Is the school going to cater for Special Educational Needs children?

Yes- Invictus recognises the entitlement of all pupils to a balanced, broadly based curriculum. Our SEN policy will reinforce the need for teaching that is fully inclusive and will ensure that appropriate provision will be made for all pupils with SEN.

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